Tiny House Revolution 2.0

At Pendant, we think the first tiny house revolution left out a few too many people – including us! If you couldn’t live in 100 square feet AND build your own home AND finance it out of your own pocket, then you weren’t REALLY interested in small, efficient living, right? Wrong.

So we’re officially launching our own revolution! One that works. Not one that only works in RV Parks or if you’re lucky and the housing authority doesn’t notice. One that actually works. Books are great. Workshops are fun. But this is your life. And your money. And your family. Let’s create a small space you can love and afford and live your best life in. Together.

So, what makes Pendant Homes different?


Small > Tiny

Living simply shouldn’t mean living in a closet (or without a closet). At 600 square feet, our homes feature all of the brilliant space-saving design considerations you’d expect from a tiny house PLUS storage, private space, and room to entertain.


On Foundations

You know, for earthquakes.


Without Ladders

Because climbing backwards down a ladder in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom pretty much sucks. (Trust us, we’ve done it.)


No Assembly Required (By You Anyway)

A small home that you don’t have to build yourself, built by people who do things like build homes for a living. That means no plans. No kits. No workshops. We worry about everything so you don’t have to.


Good for the Planet…

“Engineered to be the first LEED Platinum Tiny House in the World.”
That’s, um, really, really good.


…Which is Good for You!

Net Zero Energy means Net Zero Energy Bills.


A Safe(r) Investment

RVs depreciate over time – it’s sad, but true – meaning you not only lose the money you used to buy and maintain it, you also lose years of potential appreciation.



You were thinking it. We had to say it. Building costs tend to look something like this:

Land + Materials + Labor/ Insurance + Taxes, Permits & Fees.

So, if you were to say, build a tiny house on wheels yourself without a license, building permit, or having it properly inspected, your costs would look something like this:

Land + Materials + Labor/Insurance + Taxes, Permits & Fees.
So cheaper? Absolutely!
Better? Ummm….


But, Where Do You Put Them?

It’s the question we get asked more than any other. Land is expensive. But houses without land don’t work. We have two answers: 1) In small communities (like Huntley Square!) and 2) as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on larger single family lots.

Think a Pendant Home might be right for you? Let’s get started.

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