We get it.

Tiny houses are kinda about sticking it to the man. They are the natural knee-jerk response to McMansions. Rather than 5,000 square feet of home we mostly don’t need, why not explore the opposite extreme? What is the smallest space, the fewest amenities, the cheapest existence we can find? College was fun. Dorm rooms are small. And the size of the average house just about everywhere else on the planet is smaller than it is here, right?

Enter tiny houses 1.0:

100 square feet of pure, cobbled-together, (probably illegal) bliss. But even the most spartan among us found that sometimes it’s cool to have a few nice things. Maybe you don’t need a walk-in closet. But not having any closet at all – that just feels mean, and maybe just a tad impractical.

This, of course, is the part of the story where Goldilocks finds herself in something of a pickle: Daddy Bear’s bed was too big. But Baby Bear’s bed turned out to be a wee bit too tiny.

Enter Pendant Homes: tiny houses 2.0, or as we like to call them – tiny houses for the rest of us.

Maybe when we dreamed of our future home 10 years ago, it had rooms, and space, and a pool, and a garage and another garage and another pool. But then life happened. Priorities changed. And maybe now the thought of trading a few bills and a massive mortgage for more freedom and experience beats that second pool.


After all, a smaller size means a smaller price tag, smaller tax bill, smaller utility bill, and less to clean or mow. It also means the home itself can be really well-made – healthy materials, energy efficient design – and nestled in awe-inspiring places.

Pendant is all about creating new home buying opportunities for first time home buyers and anyone looking to downsize in gorgeous places. That way Goldilocks can pay down some of those student loans and spend part of the year working on her travel blog while still building valuable home equity – you know, in case she decides Daddy Bear’s pad is more her style down the line.

It’s all about options. Or as we at Pendant like to say:

Less House. More Life.

Dante Love, Founder of Pendant Homes

Having lived in Detroit, Boston, and Los Angeles before settling down in Sonoma County, Dante Love founded Pendant Homes as a reaction to unattainably-priced single family homes in desirable locations. Like many Millennials, student-loan debt and recession-affected wages sparked a shift in values. Having a few high-quality items seemed exponentially more appealing than amassing a stockpile of low-quality possessions or, worse, more debt. For some, it’s called minimalism.

The new focus was on allowing more time for meaningful personal interaction, eating well, traveling, reading, exploring new hobbies and ideas, and creating a sense of financial stability that allowed for the often-sought, rarely-found work-life balance. The search was on for a low-debt, high-quality housing option.

The objective: An energy-efficient, beautiful home in a desirable location (read: walking distance to shops, parks, and restaurants) that could be owned completely in under 10 years.

The combination was a trying one, and it wasn’t until Dante stumbled upon the tiny house movement that he felt a viable solution may exist. After studying small homes recreationally for over a year, Dante joined Four Lights Tiny House Company as its COO. Dante ran the day to day operations of the company which comprised anything from accounting to courting investors to managing the legal team to sales. Of all of his responsibilities, it was getting the chance to converse with so many men and women (of all ages!) who shared his desire for a beautiful home as a subset of a beautiful life. With ideas about how to expand the concept beyond the conventional – in many cases DIY – tiny house model, Dante left Four Lights to launch Pendant Homes.

The Mission of Pendant Homes is to pair stunning design with cutting-edge manufacturing practices to deliver high-end, small homes to highly-desirable places for the singles, couples, young families, and retirees who need them most. With the right mix of quality and size, our goal is to make the conventional 30-year mortgage a choice – not a requirement – for aspiring home owners. And while the first Pendant development does rely on a traditional financing model the hope is that once there is widespread acceptance of the product type, lending opportunities will evolve in kind.

It’s the first step of a big, small journey.


Dante Love holds a B.S. in Business Management from Babson College in Wellesley, MA and an M.F.A. in Writing for Screen and Television from the University of Southern California. He currently lives in Santa Rosa with his wife and daughter in a home designed and built by famed Santa Rosa developer Hugh Codding.

Pendant Homes, Inc. in partnership with Healthy Buildings, Inc. creates small, high-quality, energy-efficient homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) or “granny units” in the North Bay. Its current portfolio features 3 designs ranging from 400 to 860 sq ft. Pendant Homes was founded in July of 2014 and is based in Santa Rosa, CA.