Because Real Solutions are Cool too.

Sometimes you don’t want to protest. You don’t want to wait for the city OR the country OR the state. Yes, tiny houses are the future, but you can’t just sit around hoping for decades-old legislation to catch up. The housing market is getting more expensive by the day – that’s appreciation just passing you by. It’s time to stop renting and start owning. Something. Now.

Don’t worry – Pendant’s got your back delivering beautiful, healthy housing options for first time home buyers and recent retirees. No law degree required.

Realty / Reality

In a perfect world, we’d be able to put a small home anywhere it would fit (which is almost everywhere). But, in reality, we have to worry about things like zoning, drainage, stormwater treatment, sewer-load, fire access, and parking – which makes retrofitting existing spaces to tiny homes hard – not impossible, but hard. And that’s before you take into account things like the cost of land, financing, and public perception. So now you’re starting to understand why articles about tiny houses seem to be everywhere, but actual tiny houses #notsomuch.

What if we changed the way people thought about buying homes?

You know your best friend – as in the one reading this over your shoulder right now (or the one you’re going to email this to so you can read it over their shoulder later)? Yeah, that best friend. How cool would it be to be neighbors? You’ve thought about it. And for some best friends it’s probably the single worst idea in the world, but let’s say you’re in the maybe-not-such-a-bad-idea camp.

Here’s what we’re thinking:

Buying a house is usually a pretty straightforward process. One or two people pool their collective resources, sign a mountain of papers, and voila! – the American Dream is born. Then we cross our fingers and hope that our next door neighbors aren’t weird or creepy and that we can make a friend or two – people to get your mail when you’re on vacation and call you when you accidentally leave the garage up (again) – you know, a community.

What if we started with community?

Assuming a 4% interest rate, a 5% downpayment, and a 30-year fixed mortgage, a $500,000 house requires a monthly payment of about $2,300. If you have that, you’re probably not reading this, but if you’re like a lot of would-be homeowners on the coasts, that number’s out of reach. In fact, if you make the average $62,000 that price represents 45% of your income. Not cool.

But what if we increased the cost (and value!) another $100,000, but then split the space two ways? Creating two payments – one of $1,550 or 30% of income and one of $750 which is 15% of income. See what we did there? More income + Less individual debt + More Value + Built-in Community = Starter Homes for a New Generation.

Friend A (don’t judge, it’s a family name) takes the larger, existing unit, and Friend B gets one of our smaller units in back. Both get their very own home and separate private space – and they build equity together! Perfect for best friends, twenty-somethings looking for a little independence, or recent empty-nesters.

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A visual-type, huh? Well, basically, we want to do this–

— but for housing. Interested?