Huntley Square

10 Beautiful, Tiny House-Inspired Studios – Sebastopol, California

Modern Design

We took the very best aesthetic and space saving designs from some of our favorite places and wrapped them in a warm, redwood-like frame. Hard lines meet soft colors.

Energy Efficient

With solar panels on the individual units plus additional solar covering the parking – Huntley Square is estimated to be Net Zero Energy. What does that mean? Only that over the course of a year it is projected to generate as much or more electricity than it uses. A tight building envelope means the home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter with minimal help. Add in gray-water recycling the result should be some of the lowest utility bills around.

Walkable Area

Huntley Square is a one-mile walk from:

Whole Foods
The Barlow
Willard Libby Park
Ragle Ranch
Ives Pool
Wells Fargo

…and just a 20-minute drive to the ocean!

Functional Space

There’s 600 feet in 1950 and 1980. And then there’s 600 feet today. Vaulted ceiling and open-floor plans really expand the space to challenge the perception of what’s possible within a single studio.

Healthy Construction

Non-VOC means Non-VOC. Pendant Homes has partnered with Healthy Buildings to sustainably-sourced and completely non-toxic homes. Do you know what chemicals were used when your home was built?


Homes are only as good as the women and men who live in them, so we’re looking for people excited to go small in a big way. Is that you?

A New Generation of Starter Home

Everyone starts somewhere. If you’re single, a 3 Bedroom 2 Bath house might be a little much right now (especially in California). That’s a lot of rooms to heat, cool, and pay taxes on that you can’t use all at once. Huntley Square might not be for everyone, but our goal is to bring back the starter home (or the retirement home) in a way we can all appreciate.

Starting in the mid 400,00s.

Curious? We just opened the waitlist, and it’s waiting for you!