So the goal was to provide a one-size fits all approach to pricing.

Unfortunately, the individuality of site work (which can be upwards of 20% of the total cost) and local permits and fees (which vary widely county to county and state to state) make blanketed pricing estimates really difficult.

We’re working on developing tools that can provide a little insight from a regional perspective, but the best way to start is with a conversation. It’s okay. We don’t suck. It won’t be all sales-y and stuff – just an honest assessment of where you are in the process, what you’re looking for, and if we can help. But all cards on the table – you can find some VERY cheap tiny houses online. These aren’t those.

We went to great lengths to design homes that are small, build value over time, and are welcomed (mostly) by city governments. The flipside of that is paying permits, fees, taxes, and fair wages to American workers. It’s not the cheapest – but we stand behind our product 100%.